While an appointment is not required, we do highly recommend you make one. This allows for you to have your own consultant and dressing room for the full appointment as well as ensuring enough seating for your party.

We suggest no less than 6 months in advance for bridal gowns and 4 months in advance for bridesmaids/mothers/flower girls. Most tux orders can be placed up to a month ahead, but to ensure you receive the tux you want, we suggest two months in advance.

At this time, we do not offer payment plans, nor a place to store dresses. Dresses bought off the rack must be paid for in full at the time of purchase and taken with the bride. Dresses that require ordering must have at least a 60% deposit made before the order is placed. Once dresses arrive in our store, the customer has 14 days to pick them up and pay the remaining balance.

These dresses are not custom-made gowns. We will take measurements of the bust, waist, and hip and decide with the customer what size will work the best for them. Most customers can expect to have a dress taken up in the bust and hemmed. We do not have a seamstress on staff at this time, but we have multiple names in the area to recommend.

Tuxes are rented at least a month in advance and will arrive in our store typically Tuesday or Wednesday of the week of the wedding. Once they have arrived, we will call the customer and they will need to come in and try it on so any alterations can be made. Alterations for tuxes are free to the customer. These tuxes are not tailored suits, so we ask that customers understand things may not fit perfectly. When we turn in measurements, the tux rental company decides what will be the best fit. Replacement items can be ordered before Thursday. A 60% deposit is required at the time of ordering and tuxes must be returned the Monday after the wedding by 4pm EST.

We do not allow returns or exchanges. This includes jewelry, purses, shoes, and other accessories. Deposits made on special order dresses are non-refundable. No exceptions will be made.

Every bridesmaid’s dress company has their own set of swatches. Color options from company to company will vary. When we order dresses, we order the entire wedding party’s at the same time so they are cut from the same bolt of fabric, since color shades may vary from bolt to bolt. The color you receive may not be exactly what you saw in the store due to the nature of fabric dye.

Yes, you can! All we ask is that you go to a place of business to get your professional measurements done. Just call us at 812.683.3777 with those measurements and a credit card to place your order. We are able to ship bridemaids’ dresses for a $12 fee.

After we take your measurements, we will compare them to the appropriate size chart. Each brand has a different chart to go by. Some companies go up to sizes 28-32. Please ask for more information on plus size dresses. Please keep in mind that bridal sizing is very different from street sizing and most of these companies run one to two sizes smaller than our street clothes.

While we may offer discounts on bridal gown samples purchased off the floor, any other ordered dress will be full price. Bridesmaids, mothers, and flower girls will receive 10% off dresses purchased if the bride finds her gown here. For the men, with five paid tuxes, the groom will receive his for free. This does not include the cost of shoes or extra purchase items. The ring bearer will also receive his at half-price.