2023 Prom Trends Forecast

2023 Prom Trends Forecast

With prom season quickly approaching, our team at Beth Carter is keeping a close eye on the rising styles making waves in the world of formalwear fashion this year. To help you stay three steps ahead of the game, we’re here to share our forecast for 2023’s hottest prom trends, with dresses by one of our favorite designers, Sherri Hill:


Lace-Up Backs

54261 by Sherri Hill

Lace-up backs, or corset-style backs, bring a flirty, contemporary edge to any gown. We’re loving this style not only for its visual appeal, but also for its functionality: with lace-up prom dresses, you can adjust your fit exactly to your liking and tweak it throughout the night, if needed. This means you’ll be able to dance your heart out in style, without sacrificing on support.


Allover Sequins

54868 by Sherri Hill

For the gal who loves the spotlight, allover sequin prom dresses guarantee you’ll shine from every angle! This light-reflecting style looks incredible under the sparkle of a disco ball, and gives your glamorous tastes something to really swoon over.


Tiered Skirts

55527 by Sherri Hill

Tiered skirts add dramatic volume to your gown and create a unique, three-dimensional look. We can’t get enough of tiered prom dresses because of the one-of-a-kind silhouette they offer, as well as their ability to draw all eyes on their wearer!


A design element that draws from another fashion era, tassels have definitely seen their revival in this year’s formalwear trends. Tassel prom dresses bring dynamic, ever-shifting movement to your look that dances under the disco ball as you do!


Metallic Surfaces

54922 by Sherri Hill

Shimmering surfaces have been a fan-favorite for years, ranging from elegant, sophisticated silks, to flashy sequins, glitter, and rhinestones. This season, we’re seeing metallic prom dresses enter the mix, bringing a unique, chic twist to the more-established routes to high-shine looks.


Fabric Cutouts

55396 by Sherri Hill

Fabric cutouts bring a touch of flirty, contemporary allure to even the most minimalist, modest designs. We’re seeing a wide variety of approaches to this edgy style, ranging from hourglass-accentuating waist cutouts and keyhole open backs, to illusion mesh paneled skirts and triangular bodice slits, like the halter prom dress by Sherri Hill shown above.


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